Friday, August 17, 2007


By Staff Writer Ashley G. Woodson
For Brotha Ash Productions
I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Pittsburgh's most talented actors, Carl Clemons. I started this interview back in January of 2007 and because Carl is always involving and getting new projects, we waited until now to publish it.

1) How did you become interested in acting?
To me I became interested by God instilling the talent in me as well as it being a craft I enjoy doing that makes me happy.

2) What was your acting job?
On "The Wire" my job was to guard the drug shipment coming in from The Greeks that was to supply the CO-OP with their re-up

3) How did get a part on "The Wire"?
A blessing a major one at that I had been trying to get on "The Wire" since season 2 & 3. I was constantly sending in my headshot and resume but got no calls I finally did a major no no in the acting world "I CALLED THE CASTING OFFICE".I was fortunate enough to speak to a lovely lady named Sareva Racher she is a Casting Associate for Pat Moran & Associates they do the casting out of Baltimore for "The Wire". When we spoke I told her about my many attempts and she simply explained that to be considered you have to have a strong acting resume.I assured her that i did as i had been seccuring significant roles like my character Daryl on "The His Place Show" which was a national christian show based out of Pittsburgh Pa. She took a chance on me and told me to send my info to her address and she will evaluate my Headshot and Resume and if impressed will give it to head of casting. I sent my info off the very next day with a print out of the His Place Show website with me on it. To my surprise after 2 weeks i received a call for an audition i was so excited you would of thought i hit the lottery. I drove down to Baltimore they wanted me to audition for the role of the crackhead that beats up Bubs.Most auditions are a two step process so after the audition i thanked everyone and drove back and a few days later i received a call back. Now i was really happy one more audition to conquer I drove back to Maryland for my call back audition. I met with the directors and the writers it was me and one other guy there I did my thing and came back home I later found they didnt feel that part for me. Two months went by and they called me for another audition as a dice player back and forth still no fit the season was nearing its end so i felt desperation kicking in.I got another call a month and a halh later for the role of the drug guard she told me this was a big scen i'd be in so I had my game face on as i was fully prepped i drove down knocked out my audition and got a call back a few day later. Here we go i thought to myself all or nothing litle ol me with the casting director her casting associate,and the directors i did my thing looked them in the eyes thanked them for the opportunity and left. they called me a half hour later i was on the road driving back home i rejoiced almost the whole way home it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

4)Are you going to have a reoccurring role?
If you watch 'The Wire" and saw my scene you will figure it would be only right but they are very secretive which is good so you never know we will see though i'll know by the middle of February.

5) Are you looking to get into movies or music?
I can do music but I much rather stick to acting it takes up enough of my time which is good I like to stay busy

6) What would you suggest to others from Pittsburgh, who are interested
in acting on how to get started?
Stay determined and make sure its something you want to do because you will get tested there is a ton of rejection that is involved along with alot of competition.If you are serious about it just believe in yourself never think that your not good enough my motto is "Success comes from within as long as you believe" anything is possible no matter where you are from just keep your faith in the lord and yourself you can't go wrong and if you doubt this go back up and read my motto again.

7) Are you in this for the long run or do you have other interested?
Definitely yhe long run i've been thru to many things to stop when the blessings come pouring in i want to conquer acting for as long as i can by all means.
8) Your name is getting out there, how are you handling all of the attention?
I'm use to it being that i received notarity from The His Place Show I will use my fame to shine light on those in need being that people seem to bond with celeberties.For some reason they give them a honest chance to sit downa And talk to them on a real level.I can also use the income I'll be getting to help bless those in need and to help them to find their calling in life.
9) What do you want us to know about Carl, that we don't already know?
That what you see is what you get with me i'm a real dude i'm not in to that i'm better than you cause i'm on T.v stuff that's not cool.To me thats actually one of the things taht bugs me about Hollywood alot of people forget where they come from well not me and big up to those in Hollywood,NFL,MLB,Hockey and every other celeb out there who does still keep it real. That seperates you from the rest more than you know and you will always prosper and ecel higher and higher. Pittsburgh we about to chancge the game on them Hollywood beware the Burgh is in the building ACTION!!

Independent-Feature Film "Lost Money" Stars Hassan Johnson from "The Wire" Danny Simmons Russell Simmons
older brother Tyrell Baker aka Little Kevin also from "The Wire" my boy Max Starks from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jake
Andolina, Andrew Roth and of course me. Anybody you don't know look them up at type there name in the search
engine. Playing Tek (Carl Clemons)

Super Doughnut Commercial with Franco Harris: I was the voice over talent on this commercial it just started airing

Silverstein Rock group Music Video: Played a memeber of the Swat Team that arrest the group durring a bank robbery. The
Music video will air on MTV AND THE FUSE NETWORK

I also have 2 films in the works that I just closed a deal on one called "Encoded" that has a 25,000,000 budget and the
other "The Rogue"

4. AMERICAS MOST WANTED 20TH CENTURY FOX- Will be doing an reenactment of a guy named Benjamin who was apart of the
largest heist in U.S history. The episode is called "The Lyde & Benjamin Story"

Broke mile stones 1st based Pittsburgh actor to be on HBO'S "The Wire" and also 1st for "Americas Most Wanted


Anonymous said...

Carl is really doing his thing a give him mad props and I would like to congradulate him on all the hard work he fas been doing. This just didn't happen over night Carl has been striving for this for a long time. With God Blessing he we go further than he ever could imagion.

Author & Poet- Valdez Thompson said...

It's real aspiring to see talent right here in Pittsburgh making moves around the nation. For the entire City of Pittsburgh this guy is a true inspiration.

Anonymous said...

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