Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WAMO'S LAST RIDE - By Ashley G. Woodson for Brotha Ash Productions and The New Pittsburgh Courier

B. Marshall Productions, Matt Dillinger, NUVO, and Kaski Jewelers presented WAMO’s appreciation party and final celeb boat ride featuring America’s top super-Model Eva Pigford and actor Lance Gross of Tyler Perry’s “House of Pain.” The atmosphere was great and the boat ride was the last event honoring WAMO. Those who came out to show their appreciation for the station will miss it. Even though the boat ride got off to a late start, it was a major success.

It brought all the dee-jays together one last time before WAMO goes off the air next month. You could see the unity that has developed between the dee-jays and other staff members that were present. While some were laid back and reserved, others looked at it as a time to accept change and move forward. Everyone agreed that WAMO will be missed, but some hinted the fact that there may be another urban radio station in the works.


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